Welcome to Caffeinated Lollipops, my modern allergy adventure. 
My name is Louisa and these are my recipes here is your chance to get to know me a bit better. 

Who are you? 
My name is Louisa and I am a wife and mum to three girls
I have several medical conditions which affect my mobility and my joints.
As well as multiple allergies

Why this blog? 
When my second daughter was born she had intolerance and free from sections in supermarkets were not a thin so we had to become inventive. 
When my third daughter was born she had multiple allergies and was so sensitive it even passed through my milk. I had to cut foods out to feed her and found my own allergies when I reintroduced them. 
Alyssa is allergic to Salicylates (A chemical naturally occurring in fruits and veg), Gluten and milk. She also is sensitive to egg and soya proteins. 
I am allergic to gluten, anaphylactic to wheat and some fish. I also have a mild milk intolerance.

 Although allergy foods are getting better they are not as good as they can be but we can cook better ourselves.

Where are you from? 
I’m from Devon, England… I’ve lived here most my life bar a stint in Middlesex. 

Why allergy cooking? 
I started learning to cook for allergies 8 years ago when I cut a lot out to breast feed my youngest daughter. I since then have found out I have my own allergies. 
I think allergy foods are often disappointing at best and sometimes near
inedible at worst. 

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