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Disney Countdown!

For Christmas I surprised my girls with a trip to Disneyland Paris, they were thrilled and I was happy to not be keeping it a secret, which was making me go crazy.

Right now there is…. Ticker

We have been shopping and buying our wee Disney bits but I decided I would turn my hand to making some bits.
I went and bought the things I needed and Emma from Candy Cords (

What I made has me quite proud, though we had a bit of a drama over who was having which princesses for their clips

I also made myself a little something, because of my health issues, we get a special pass and I made a lanyard to keep it on, in a waterproof case, I also made one for my camera or phone not decided which yet.

20160309_203444 20160309_203431 20160309_203423

Only Emily has seen her clips so far and she is very happy with them


Whatever happens, don’t forget to always stay fabulous.

Love Always

As always I would love to hear what you have to say, want to share your story or have something you would love to say please add a comment.
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The Thin Black Line

Nothing screams Pin-up more than that classic eye liner flick, no matter which way or style you go for what you need is a good quality eye liner. Finding that perfect eye liner however is not as easy as one might think, expensive doesn’t always mean the best quality and sometimes that cheap liner really does the trick.

With me I also have Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and Angioedema, an auto-immune condition causing allergic reactions to everyday things and it is very random. This means I am left with teary eyes a lot of the time so my liner has to be able to stand up to a bit of a rub and a bit of water.

I have a major addiction to eye liners I own far beyond the amount any woman really needs, so I have gone through some of the high street liners to help you find the perfect one for you, with my liner addiction, there is so many liners this will be a multi-part piece.

Eyeliner #1

Max Factor Masterpeice
High Precision Liquid Eye Liner Black

Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeliner

Cost: Around £8 available from most stores
Type: Pen style with felt tip style nib
Finish: Matt

Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeliner Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeliner

This liner really seemed promising, I thought it would be an ideal one for that sleepy morning school run to just line and run. The design of the nib means you can hold it on it’s side for a thin line and then rotate slightly for a thick line, theoretically meaning that you should have a high precision pen for those retro flicks,  however I found the nib very uncomfortable it felt very dry and scratchy. The line itself was also very hard to do, it was very gappy and hard to fill in. I also had to leave it for a while and shake it up before doing the other eye as it was as if it had dried out.
The thin line looked very good once finished but even that I had to go over two to three times to get it looking complete.

Maxfactor High Precision Liquid Eye Liner Black Thin line
Thin line with the pens side. Much easier to apply than the thicker line but still needed multiple goes over.

The matt finish looked really nice but I felt it took too long to get it looking all right and I was not happy with the finish at all. However it was very long lasting and didn’t flake or smudge at all, I think if it just had a wetter nib it would be a lot better.

Max Factor High Precision Liquid Eye Liner Black thick line
The thick line took a lot more attempts to get a nice block fill.

Overall verdict: 2/5

I wouldn’t buy this again, though the longevity is good, it’s just too difficult and uncomfortable to apply.

Make Up Gallery
Pro Liquid Eyeliner

Make Up Gallery, Pro Liquid Eyeliner

Cost: £1 Available from Poundland
Type: Pot and brush style with a brush tip
Finish: Matt

Makeup Gallery has a brush type nib

This is a bit of a gem, when someone mentioned to me how good this liner was I was dubious to say the least.
However it really is fab. The brush gives good control and you get a nice smooth line. It is easy to build up  giving a very dark yet matt finish and once it has dried it doesn’t smudge easily. If you rub it too much it will flake but it does take a bit to get it agitated.

Makeup Gallery liner goes on like a dream and gives a very nice dark, but matt finish
Makeup Gallery liner goes on like a dream and gives a very nice dark, but matt finish

Overall rating: 5/5

It stays looking fresh all day and is certainly one of my go to liners in my make up bag and at just a pound well enough said!

Eyeliner #3 Make up Revolution
Amazing Eyeliner Waterproof

Makeup Revolution Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Cost: £1.50 Available direct from Make up Revolution on-line or from most Superdrug stores
Type: Pot and brush style with a felt nib
Finish: Matt waterproof

The nib was slightly scratchy and looked as if it hadn't been finished properly

Make up Revolution is quickly making a name for itself amongst the make up junkies out there, something I will be covering soon, the liner applies smooth and cleanly and it lasts a long time, it is waterproof to a point but as someone with allergies the amount my eye tears did allow for a little bit of smudging.

Makeup revolution provided a nice easy flick, but was slightly uncomfortable to put on
Make up Revolution provided a nice easy flick, but was slightly uncomfortable to put on

I found the nib went too thin at the end and it was slightly scratchy, though I think mine might have been slightly defective and the rough long bit probably is meant to have been trimmed off, as the picture on the website doesn’t show it quite like that.  It coats very well and needed very little if any touching up. It also dries quickly to a nice matt finish.

Make up Revolution did look good on and wore well too
This liner really did look good on and wore well too

Overall rating: 4/5

The nib is uncomfortable to use but not very much so, it claims it is ‘waterproof’ I wouldn’t label it as such but I think for a normal wearer it probably would seem so, but if you’re overly teary then it does smudge though not as bad as some others I have worn in the past.

Eyeliner # 4 Makeup Acadamy
Matte Liquid Liner

Make Up Academy Matte Black Eyeliner

Cost: £2 Available direct from MUA online or from most Superdrug stores
Type: Pot and brush style with a felt nib
Finish: Matt

I found the handle for the brush a bit long making it slightly awkward to hold, when you bring the brush out I found sometimes it splattered on my hand because it coats the brush. It goes on very well and smoothly and dries nice and quick. Because the brush picked up so much liquid from the pot it filled out very easily, however the pot itself was so unstable I was constantly worried about it spilling.
I found when my eye teared it did cause it to flake off, but on the eye which didn’t it withstood a good few hours of wear.

Make up Academys Matte Liner
Make up Academys Matte Liner coats well but the long handle makes it harder to control

Overall Rating 2.5/5

 I found the brush just too awkward to hold comfortably and I was so worried about it spilling I found it hard to concentrate on the job at hand.
Originally I had this down as a 3 but when I came to remove it I found that it came off, of my eyes but smudged all over my face, this was so hard to get off, in the end I had to use a harsh soap to get it off. Not good when sometimes you need to do a quick change.

Out of all the eye liners featured the one I would happily use every single day was the Make up Gallery Pro Liner from Poundland. Even without the price factor it is a very high quality liner which lasts well and is easy to apply. They also sell it in a range of other colours including glitter for when you want that touch of sparkle.
I never would normally use ‘cheap’ make up because I thought if it’s only one pound then it is sure to be inferior quality , but with the good reviews it definitely was worth a punt for the price and I think that if you try it you may also be pleasantly surprised.

I would love to hear your opinions on the eye liners featured or if you have an eyeliner which I should feature in the next part please let me know in the comments.
If you know anyone who might find this helpful please share, as sharing is caring.

Whatever happens, don’t forget to always stay fabulous.

Love Always

As always I would love to hear what you have to say, want to share your story or have something you would love to say please add a comment.
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Winkleman effect

So as I sat doing my make up this morning I am applying my eye shadow, feeling pretty blummin’ fab knowing yeah looking good… Then comes the eye liner, you’re on a roll and channelling your inner Dita Von Teese, you know those flicks are going to be perfect, just this once they will be perfect… Yes you’re doing it, you’re so focused you can see it’s perfect…

Then you step back and look… and you look more Claudia Winkleman then Dita Von Teese… Worse is you have just five minutes before needing to be out that door for the school run so you have no choice but to just make do.

I searched the internet and blogosphere for an answer to my make up catastrophe and I found some tips for those of us who are perhaps more challenged with the eye liner brush…

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Dita Von Teese shared some of her make up tips;

C: Do you apply your own makeup? If so, how do you apply your eyeliner?

D: My tips are mostly about, ‘ok it’s not always going to be perfect, it takes a lot of practise, you have to find what’s easier for you’. Like some people like to use a really sharp pencil, I can’t use a pencil at all, I really screw it up. I use liquid liner and a small brush or a gel liner with a thin brush. I think it’s really about spending a lot of time figuring out the SHAPE, looking with the mirror in different directions, different angles to see that you’re on the right track. It’s one of those things that you have to keep practising. Even when I don’t wear my eyeliner for a little while, which happens a lot, I’ll spend the week working around the house and I don’t go out or anything. I find it becomes harder to draw, even though I’ve been drawing eyeliner for 20 years! It’s just something you have to practice all the time. Practice makes perfect and you can’t expect to be able to do it perfectly every time. You have to accept failure and accept it’s not ALWAYS perfect. – Dita Von Teese, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Nov 2011 Read More Here

So practice practice practice seems to be the advice here, but what about those of us who practice daily but still end up with an undefined blob where our perfect wingtip should be what can we do?

Payal Thaker of Your Beauty Pal shared her video solution

Payal Thaker – Find this and more at My Beauty Pal 

Another solution which I think I may be feeling partial to trying is the selotape method, this is simular to the Credit Card Method, where you use the edge of a card to draw that perfect line, well that’s what is claimed however mine still didn’t end up like that, I suspect because of having to use a hand to hold it in place. But the selotape is stuck to your face keeping both hands  free to apply those wing tips

Though Tynan Sinks over at xoJane is certainly not convinced that the sellotape method is much cop, however I think I would certainly give it a go, though watching his video I know I will use a cheap sellotape which will have less adhesive as it did look uncomfortable as he pulled it off, he also suggested sticking it to his trousers first to reduce the tack.

I would however be more than interested in your eyeliner successes and fails and please share any tips you have found that works.

Whatever happens, don’t forget to always stay fabulous.

Love Always

As always I would love to hear what you have to say, want to share your story or have something you would love to say please add a comment.
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