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Disney Countdown!

For Christmas I surprised my girls with a trip to Disneyland Paris, they were thrilled and I was happy to not be keeping it a secret, which was making me go crazy.

Right now there is…. Ticker

We have been shopping and buying our wee Disney bits but I decided I would turn my hand to making some bits.
I went and bought the things I needed and Emma from Candy Cords (

What I made has me quite proud, though we had a bit of a drama over who was having which princesses for their clips

I also made myself a little something, because of my health issues, we get a special pass and I made a lanyard to keep it on, in a waterproof case, I also made one for my camera or phone not decided which yet.

20160309_203444 20160309_203431 20160309_203423

Only Emily has seen her clips so far and she is very happy with them


Whatever happens, don’t forget to always stay fabulous.

Love Always

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