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Why I don’t believe in New Years resolutions, and think you shouldn’t either

It’s the done thing isn’t it, to make a resolution and why not? After all it’s just committing to the things you want to stick to for the upcoming year.

However it’s not exactly a secret that the majority of resolutions are not kept and though for most this is of no consequence for many people it actually has really negative  impact. Think about how you decide on your resolutions, you essentially pick the things you really want, like REALLYREALLY want, sometimes it might be more important than that, perhaps there is some health reason that you need to make changes.
so you have your resolutions and then what?  ell most people start so strong but unfortunately most people by week two have either failed or are failing. I know I am not alone at being very hard on myself if I fail at anything, so in failing not only am I no better off that before the resolution but also I am now kicking myself that I didn’t manage to stick to it.

So I think that making a resolution based on the time of the year is little more than a recipe for failure, however i do think that if there is something that you really want to do then JUST DO IT!! It shouldn’t matter if it is 1st of January, 15th March or the 30th of December if it is really worth doing DO IT!

And if you really need a resolution to live by for the rest of the year, make it to be kinder to yourself as if one is kinder to themselves you can achieve great things, as loving yourself is the greatest thing you can really do. Let not look for a new you for the new year but rather a new love for the old you instead.

Until then remember…


Whatever happens, don’t forget to always stay fabulous.

Love Always

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