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Kawaii Box – May 2016

I do have to admit I really look forward to getting my Kawaii Box each month, as it is always filled with such super cute items which makes me feel a bit sqee!
My girls also look forward to me getting my Kawaii Box and can barely wait for me to open it before I have hands diving in trying to grab it out!

So here we go the contents of May’s Box;

Kawaii Box for May

Anpanman Corn Rings
Kawaii Girl Coin Purse
Animal Icon Stamp Set
Fluffy Pom Pom Keychain
Kitty Doughnut Squishy
Hello Kitty Pencil Sharpner
Pastel Bear Pen
Cute Animal Socks
Heart Shaped Silicone Braqcelets
Kasugai Chibi Vege Ramune Candy
Lucky Star Origami Papers
Sticker sheet

I automatically investigated the food, because it’s food! Unfortunately the Corn Rings contained wheat protein and being VERY allergic ruled them out, HOWEVER my husband was very willing to be a guinea pig for these and he said they were nice, similar to a pack of unflavoured Wotsits, two of my three girls also had a wee nibble and thought they were nice.
Vege Ramune Candy were wheat free and VERY helpfully labelled with what they didn’t contain. These I expected to be very hard but in fact were more like glucose sweets that melt in your mouth. They were not overly sweet and very pleasant.
2016-05-31 20.03.40
The next two things to stand out in the box were the Kawaii Girl Coin Purse and Cute Animal Socks as these are both just super cute! The purse is almost Alice in Wonderland-esque and the socks well just look how sweet they look!
Socks Purse
The Kitty Doughnut Squishy appears to be an unofficial Hello Kitty thing, it is a nice size  to use as a stress reliver. Unfortunatly the Fluffy Pom Pom Keychain smells REALLY funny, I will give this a bit of a febreeze and see how it comes out.
Squishy pom pom Squashed Squishy
The Animal Icon Stamp set contains five small stamps and a stamp pad, there is a cute  bunny stamp, a shooting star,  A  ‘ Good’ dog , A ‘Great!’ monkey? (it’s not very clear what it is to be fair) and a ‘Smile’ Apple. I’m not overly convinced I will get to use this though.

Stamps Stamps1

The Hello Kitty Sharpener and Pastel Bear ‘Pen’ will be the latest additions to my new pencil case brought specifically to keep my stationary from my Kawaii Boxes, as I felt I needed something equally cute to keep my new stationary.
The only thing is the ‘Pen’ is a mechanical pencil but I like that the ‘nib’ itself is retractable and not just the lead.

Kitty Sharpner Bear 'Pen'

Finally the Bracelets, Stickers and Origami Papers, there isn’t much to say about the bracelets, they are gummy and heartshaped. Same with the stickers they are very sweet no more no less, as with every months stickers all there seems to be to say is that they are food related this month.The Origami Papers are slightly more interesting although my effort to follow the instructions and make a star was a lot more rubbish than even I could have expected.

gummys Origami sheet2016-05-31 20.03.08

Whatever happens, don’t forget to always stay fabulous.

Love Always

As always I would love to hear what you have to say, want to share your story or have something you would love to say please add a comment.
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